Khari B.

Position: Producer/Lead Vocal
Power: Lyrical Pyrokinetic

Frankie Blaze

Position: MD/Lead Guitar
Power: 5-String Weapons Master

Jeff Harris

Position: Bass
Power: 6-String Beast

Khari Lemuel

Position: E-cello/voice
Power: Invisible Assassin

Saalik Ziyad

Position: Vocals
Power: Lightning wielder

ZPia Renee

Position: Vocals
Powers: Fire Goddess

Kevin Nabors

Position: Tenor Sax
Power: Sharp Shooter

Corey Wilkes

Position: Trumpet/Cornet
Power: Intracellular Renovator

Mwata Bowden

Position: Bari Sax/Woodwinds
Power: Earth mover

Tina M. Howell

Position: Siren
Power: Vocals of Steel

Aum Mu Ra

Position: Guitar Gunner
Power: 7 Chakra Manipulator

James "Cuz" Thomas

Position: Drummer
Power: Rhythmic Hypnotist


Introducing Discopoetry, the pinnacle of the performance poetry experience, bringing a unique music-fused styling in to what is recognized as Spoken Word today.  Our mission is 2 artistically use the power of word 2 uplift, educate and inspire people to improve the conditions of the world around them. From the halls of Poetry, Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Rock there is no simple categorization of this combination except maybe by saying…


Discopoet Khari B. - Bio

Discopoet Khari B. is a spoken word musician and educator working internationally as both a performer and instructor in the literary arts. With a reputation for delivering powerful performances with intense instrumental accompaniment, Khari B.'s energetic nature is inextricably tied to growing up in Chicago's House music scene and being the son of two educators, one being acclaimed woodwindist, Mwata Bowden.  His inspirational and mentally rousing work has been requested across the globe, staking out a place in the hearts of audiences and appealing to a diversity of fans spanning multiple ages and ethnicities.


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Upcoming Events

Friday & Saturday, Aug 31-Sept 1, 2012
f/ AACM & Asian Improv aRTs Midwest

Chicago Jazz Fest Afterfest
@ Elastic Arts 2830 N. Milwaukee
$15/$10 4 students

Saturday, September 29, 2012
AACM NOW Generation
hyde Park Jazz Fest

Little Black Pearl, 1060 E. 47th St
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